Our Building Process

Stoney River Homes practices an 5-step building process that is as unique to our clients as the homes we build. Our process keeps our clients in touch with us, the builder. Having this open flow of communication allows for a stress-free build. Below you can explore our 5-step building process to learn more of what to expect when you chose Stoney River Homes as your builder.
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Stage 1

Decorator Meetings

Making the home building process as stress-free as possible is our ultimate goal. In this stage, you will choose cabinets, countertops, tile and paint colors. The best part is we bring the selection process to you. You simply choose from our samples; we do the legwork to gather the materials, not you.
Stage 2

Lighting Selection

What sets our homes apart from many others is the small details we put into the homes we build. One of these details involves the lighting in your home. We want the lighting to match you, which is why we value your opinion when selecting the style and type of lighting for your home.
Stage 3

Trim Meeting

After the drywall is installed, it is time to add your personal touch to your home. At this meeting we discuss and design the built-ins and bookcases throughout the home. Additionally, your input on the fireplace mantle, closet layouts, and mudroom design will be collected to be implemented into your home.
Stage 4

Homeowner Orientation

Just before closing, we meet with our clients on-site to explain how all the systems function in your new home. We provide a list of all decorating selections, instructions for granite countertops and wood floor care, plus a homeowner’s handbook and warranty information.
Stage 5

After The Close

A step that most home builders never offer, but Stoney River prides ourselves on the level of service we provide even after the closing on the home. We are always available to respond to any needs of the homeowner. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to help, we are always just a phone call away.

Questions For Your Builder

Do they have at least 7 years of home building experience?
Stoney River Homes has been building homes in the Atlanta and Decatur areas since 1998. But, our home construction experience goes deeper. Cary Livingston has over 30 years of experience building quality homes for some of the largest builders in North America.
Did they declare bankruptcy during the 2008 recession?
Stoney River's business practices have held strong through the great recession allowing us to continue to provide our services without being forced into bankruptcy, even in the toughest of times.
Do they offer to provide guidance and one-on-one assistance in helping you with your selections?
Yes, Stoney River Homes's proven 8-step building process keeps you, the customer, involved in the decision making process every step of the way. In our one-on-one building meetings, we offer our advice and guidance at your comfort level.
Do you work with the owner of the company directly or a subordinate?
You will work directly with Stoney River’s owner/builder, Cary Livingston.
Do they offer an approved Limited Warranty on their home?
Yes. Stoney River Home is backed with a comprehensive Quality Builders Warranty. Each house includes a one year builder’s warranty as described in the Homeowner Handbook, plus a 2 year on all the home's systems and a 10 year structural warranty.
Do they use a standard contract that benefits all parties (eg GAR forms) or a proprietary contract that benefits the builder?
We use standard Georgia Association of Realtors contracts and forms
Do they build according to a set of building performance standards?
Stoney River Homes builds quality homes that meet all local building codes and ordinances. Our standards far exceed those set forth by the International Code Council in the International Residential Code (CABO).
Are they a member of their local Home Builders Association (HBA) and do they abide by a Code of Ethics?
Stoney River Homes is a member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, Georgia Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. We abide by all rules and regulations as set forth by these professional bodies.
Do they maintain appropriate insurances including builder's risk, general liability and required insurances such as workers' compensation?
Stoney River Homes maintains full coverage with established, reputable insurance companies.