Warranty Protection for Your Home

Congratulations! You are purchasing a Stoney River Home that includes warranty protection from the nations premier 10-year new home warranty company – Quality Builders Warranty® (QBW®). This means your new Stoney River Home has the best warranty protection available.

Quality Builders Warranty Program

  • The First Year: The builder warrants the home against specified defects in workmanship and materials that are the result of non-conformity with QBW’s warranty standards, as well as any major structural defects as defined in the warranty.
  • The Second Year: The builder warrants the home against specified defects in the wiring, piping and duct work, as well as any major structural defects as defined in the warranty.
  • The Third through Tenth Years: Should any major structural defect (as defined by the warranty) occur during this period, QBW will replace, repair or pay the reasonable cost of the repair or replacement, through its insurer.
  • Throughout the 10-year period, the warranty is automatically transferable to subsequent buyers, protecting you as well as the buyer.

Builder Screening Process Protects You

Purchasing a new home is a big investment you want to protect. Buying from a QBW builder means that you are buying a home from the best. Before becoming a QBW member, builders undergo an extensive screening process that analyzes the builder's technical knowledge, craftsmanship, and financial stability. QBW is recognized for high-quality standards in the building industry through careful inspections, not only of the builders’ work, but also that of subcontractors.

Quality Builders Warranty Benefits

  • 10 years of premier protection.
  • The stability of a warranty backed by Liberty Mutual, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.
  • Potential discounts on homeowner’s insurance, because Liberty Mutual recognizes the higher caliber of construction by builders in the Quality Builders Warranty Program.
  • Potential Group auto insurance discounts, made available through Liberty Mutual.
  • A simple and efficient complaint resolution process, should a problem ever arise. This process is designed to save both the homeowner and the builder time and money.
  • A clear understanding of what is covered by the warranty and who is responsible for replacement or repair.
  • Confidence in the construction of your home – your greatest asset.

Need More Information

To learn more about the comprehensive, 10-year home warranty protection for your new Stoney River Home, contact us.

Please note: Warranty coverage and terms may have changed from the time information was deemed accurate. Please consult the latest Quality Builders Warranty package from Stoney River Homes for detailed information on your policy.